About KEN fabrication

Fabrication: construction and machining

Are you looking for a company to fabricate special constructions, machine parts and tooling? A company that assures you high quality and timely delivery?

Understandable. Because you are not looking for a malfunctioning product. Or a delayed delivery, which makes you unable to meet your own customers demands.

KEN construction has been fabricating steel constructions, machine parts, tooling and spare-parts for over 40 years. Our experienced team of welders and mechanics for CNC milling and turning, works for very diverse but faithful customers. We work for shipbuilders, the agricultural sector, heavy machinery and the aircraft industry. We fabricate parts and constructions for dredging equipment; produce rims, special tools and spare-parts for forklifts; fabricate special machinery for producing high-voltage cables; and much more. We combine our well-equiped workshop with skilled employees. This enables us to meet customer expectations on every project. Because we believe in delivering what we have promised!

True craftsmanship

Our shop is divided in a machining and a construction area. We use high-quality CNC machining centers. With which we carry out turning and milling work accurately and efficiently. Next to the machining area we have a construction area with our own team of skilled, certified welders.

Next to certified welders, we are certified for quality management (ISO 9001-2008) and we are certified to fabricate steel and aluminum constructions according to the EN 1090-2 standard.

This ensures a timely delivery of a quality product.

Joined forces

We distinguish ourselves from comparable suppliers, mostly because of our reliability. Another separator is our ability to deliver turn-key projects by joining forces with KEN engineering.


Would you like to know more about KEN group and what they can do for your company? Feel free to contact us.