Document management

in technical work environments

KEN archiDOL

Technical document management

Would you like to control the large ammount of technical documents in your organisation?

Understandable. Confusement about which document is the correct version can lead to catastrophic mistakes in your production process. And you don’t want to waste time searching for the correct minutes of meeting from last week,…

Avoid the risk

KEN ArchiDOL offers a structural solution to your technical archive. It is a user-friendly document management system that allows you to be in control at all time. It stands for Archive Direct Online (ArchiDOL).

The system allows you to combine all types of documents in one as-built technical archive. Paper documents will be digitized and added as well. This is how we create a safe and structured document management system for all documents, technicals drawings, datasheets, emails and reports. Extra functions include the revision history on all documents and the ability to reserve certain documents for engineering purposes.

Furthermore the system allows you a 24 hours per day, world wide insight and availablity of the archive. You can give clearance to colleagues, project partners and contractors by handing out login codes. They will find their own way in this user-friendly system.

Taylor-made document management

Because of our vast experience in technical projects, we know the difficulties that you’re facing. We have been using this user-friendly software ourselves, to our complete satisfaction.


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