Process safety

Risk analyses, HAZOP / FMEA sessions.  and :  SIL, PED & ATEX related issues 


Reliable partner process safety

Process safety plays a crucial role within our services. To excel in this, we have invested heavily in recent years. This makes us a reliable partner on all current safety issues.

Explosion hazards: ATEX

Our specialists are certified in accordance with IECEx standards for explosion safety. We start with conducting Atex inspections according to NEN-EN-IEC 60079-17 for explosive atmospheres. We realize complete Atex zoning and write and update EVD’s (Explosion Safety Documents) in accordance with NEN-EN 1127-1 (location where there is a risk of explosion, prevention and protection) and NEN-EN-IEC 60079-10-1 & 2 (explosive atmospheres, gas or dust and classifications). The NPR_7910-1 & 2 also plays a role in this (Danger zones for explosion safety)

Electrical installations

For electrical installations, we provide inspections and advice in accordance with NEN-EN 1010 for low-voltage electrical installations. As well as inspections in accordance with NEN-EN 3140, which focuses on the operation of low-voltage electrical installations. In addition, we inspect and advise according to the NPR 1014 on lightning protection.

Sparring partner

We advise our clients on how to comply with PED guidelines. But also Atex combined with the SIL classification (according to NEN-EN 50495) and on Atex for Mechanical ignition sources (according to NEN-EN-ISO 80079). In addition, we conduct safety studies, such as Hazop & Fme(c)a.

We would be happy to visit you, to discuss these difficult safety related issues.


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